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If you are interested in having an exploratory consult session, complete a Contact Us form (like the one below) to let us know and to tell us about your program, project, and the challenges you'd like to address. 


Our first task will be to determine whether this would be a productive coaching relationship – we’ll do this during a free exploratory consultation session. While this may seem like a formality, it is actually very significant to ensure you get the best possible coaching possible. And a thorough intake process ensures that effective coaching begins immediately.


After the exploratory consultation session, you'll be asked to complete and submit a Doctoral Support Intake Form. Once your Intake form has been assessed, we’ll review the data together to learn more about what challenges you’re facing as well as your mindset toward making changes. We’ll review the coaching services we provide to make sure they’re a good match for your needs. We will discuss expectations for coaching, explain how we measure progress, determine coaching priorities, and answer any questions you might have about coaching.


After that, we should have everything we need to create an action plan and a list of priorities for our first coaching session.


Sessions last 50 minutes and cost $60 each. While it is recommended that you have a session weekly or once every other week, the length and frequency of sessions can be tailored to your schedule and needs.


Reduced rates are available if you purchase sessions as a package.

  • Purchase four sessions for $216 (savings of $24) - 10% discount

  • Purchase eight sessions for $408 (savings of $72) - 15% discount

  • Purchase twelve sessions for $576 (savings of $144) - 20% discount


For those who feel like they will need more support in the coming weeks/months (whether to help regain control of life, help survive a heavy term of classes or because a big writing deadline is coming up), there is also a monthly option. This option allows for much more ongoing support over the course of a calendar month (whether emails, phone calls, multiple sessions per week, or additional editing assistance) without the stress of worrying about how much time is left on the clock. 


Monthly rates are:

  • One month of doctoral support for $648

  • Two months of doctoral support for $1231 - 5% discount off the month-to-month rate

  • Four months of doctoral support for $2339 - 10% discount off the month-to-month rate

Need another option?

While quality coaching services are not cheap, we are happy to try and match your budget. You can also save money by taking advantage of our referral rewards program.

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Contact us to request a free consultation. We'd be happy to learn more about you, your goals, and your needs. All information provided is confidential.

Thanks! Message sent.

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