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Academic coaching designed with you in mind

The Doctoral Support Team is committed to helping graduate students complete their academic programs, earn their degrees, and maintain a healthy school-work-life balance while doing so.


We help graduate students navigate the transition back to academia, manage their workload and extracurricular activities; implement effective study strategies; manage their procrastination and academic performance anxiety; identify the barriers to students’ academic success and assist students in creating realistic and achievable action plans for overcoming those challenges.


We focus on the needs of the individual learner and provide honest, empathetic coaching and support services to help you earn your degree. 


If you are a graduate student struggling to find your way, we can help you:

Define Your Project

(Re)gain control of your project, build your research skills, and find clarity & direction with your study

Gain Confidence & Motivation

Overcome perfectionism, impostor's syndrome, indecision, and prepare to deal with the unexpected

Develop Your Academic Writing Skills

Write your papers, study, or literature reviews clearly, quickly, and confidently

Finish What You Started

End the cycle of unfinished drafts and incomplete projects. Finish what you started and earn your degree!

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Contact us to request a free consultation. We'd be happy to learn more about you, your goals, and your needs. All information provided is confidential.

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